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I am a general adult psychiatrist based in London.

My expertise is to provide assessment and treatment for the full range of psychological disorders, including:

• stress-related disorders

• anxiety

• depression

• obsessive compulsive disorder

• bipolar affective disorders

• adult ADHD

• personality disorders

• addictive disorders: substance use disorders, the behavioural addictions (gambling, gaming, internet) and impulse control disorders (eg sex, eating). 


I take a holistic view of psychological disorders. In my practice, I draw from my training and experience in both psychopharmacology and in psychotherapy. I work closely with a range of other helping professionals: doctors, therapists, psychologists and members of other allied specialties.

Take a look at the other pages on my website. I hope you will find the answers you are looking for.

Dr Filippo Passetti

Dr. Passetti trained in psychiatry in Cambridge and in London, where he held lectureships and consultant positions. In Cambridge he also completed a PhD in Psychology. He is a general adult psychiatrist with Royal College of Psychiatrists endorsement for addictions. He has published on a range of topics in addiction and cognitive neuropsychology.

Offering both remote and face-to-face consultations, he works at Cognacity in Harley Street, where he is an associate with the LPP/Cognacity team, at the London General Practice in Harley Street and at the Sloane Medical Practice in Chelsea.

He consults in English and in Italian.

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