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Information for New Patients

Your First Appointment:
The thought of meeting with a psychiatrist for the first time can be quite daunting. It needn’t be. Seeing a psychiatrist should not be very different from seeing any other doctor - except with more empathy! 


I will ask you about your current difficulties and also, to put things into context, about your life in general. I will aim to finish in an hour. At the end, I will tell you my impression (and diagnosis, if appropriate) and make suggestions to help you move on from your difficulties. This may include a trial of medication and/or a course of psychotherapy.


If I prescribe a medication, I will probably ask you to come back to review the effects. Follow up appointments are usually half an hour long.

Initial consultations last up to 60 minutes and a standard follow-up appointment is usually 25-30 minutes.  

Initial consultation - £500

Follow-up consultation - £265 

Communication and Confidentiality:

Everything you tell me is confidential, except in very special circumstances, such as when someone's life is at risk.


I will normally write a letter summarising the content of our conversation. If I have prescribed a medication, I will write to your GP, so he/she can take that into account, when treating you for any other condition you may have. If I write to your GP, I will send a copy of the letter to you beforehand.

I am registered with most insurance companies operating in the UK. Remember to check with your insurance company that they will cover this particular consultation.


Some insurance companies (eg BUPA) will give you a pre-authorisation number that you need to provide prior to your appointment. 

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