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The treatment of psychological disorders is often carried out  collaboratively and it is possible that I will recommend that you see a clinical psychologist or a therapist.

There are many ‘brands’ of psychotherapy, each being particularly suitable for a particular individual, problem or set of circumstances. Over the years, I have built a little network of collaborators, whom I consider are experts in the particular ‘brand’ of psychotherapy that they practice.


Here are some recommended therapists and links to their websites:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Adult):
Dr. George Fieldman

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (Children, Adolescents):
Dr. Roberta Galluccio Richardson

Compassion Focused Psychotherapy:
Dr. Chris Irons

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Addictive disorders):
Dr. Frank Ryan

Insight-Based Psychotherapy:
Prof. Alessandra Lemma

Couples Therapy:
Ms Caroline Curtis Dolby

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